Saturday, June 21, 2003

Picture Pages

Do you all remember Picture Pages with Bill Cosby??? It was a tv show and he had this pencil or crayon or some kind of writing utensil. I just barely remember it. Let me know if you remember and refresh my memory about it.


  1. yes, I remember picture pages. it was great. he had a marker that made all kinds of noise when he wrote.
    ps- good job on your links and stuff.. don't forget to change your archive page too!

  2. What a random question! Mortimer Icobod was the marker! I always wanted to get MY picture pages. But mom would never let me. Humpff.
    I also loved Mr. Wizard, and Pinnwheel and You can't do that on Television. (I wasn't supposed to watch the last one.)
    --Oh and Double Dare ...Don't forget Double Dare! Oh and Danger Mouse! It's no wonder my parents limited my TV watching as a kid.
    But alas, the time came when we moved away from the reach of cable TV. and lived out the rest of my childhood days with no Nick.
    You know - one of these days - some backward thinking person will start a cable channel that runs an only 80's line-up. Just like on radio - "Plays the best of the 80's" Airwolf, Nick shows, He-man, Knight Rider. A-Team, Gummy Bears, The Muppet Show, Fraggle Rock, the list could go on. I'll be the head of programming!