Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Crash into me...or a stone wall

Some of you have not heard the news; my car was wrecked Saturday night. Ryan and I were driving home from Lexington and a(an) opossum waddled out in front of the car. Ryan was driving and he swirved left then right and left again and the car was out of control and spun off the road into the ditch and slammed the back into an old stone wall. The good thing was we were fine, no injuries. It was a bit scary, a little frustrating, and more stuff to deal with than we want to right now. At the same time it is probably the best time to be without a car since we are getting ready to head to Europe. This is definitely a catalyst to get the Mini Cooper purchased. Ho hum.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Picture of the Month-June 2006


The picture of this month is one of our wedding photos. And hey, guess what? We STILL do not have our pictures!!!! Unbelievable!
Anyway, our anniversary is next Monday (the 19th) if you want to celebrate with us!

Congratulations to Brad Ritchie, Sammy Day, and I don't know the other guy.

This was the announcement on the UofL School of Music website.

Congratulations! to Brad Ritchie & the School of Music Symphony Orchestra!

One of our UofL School of Music students, Brad Ritchie (composer), played a huge role in the making of the movie "Perspective" which received a Gold medal (instead of a statuette) at the 2006 Oscar Awards presentation, where 13 young filmmakers were honored for their short films at the 33rd annual Student Academy Awards on June 10, 2006. To watch a video clip of the movie Perspective, visit this USA Today website.

Note that our very own Symphony Orchestra performed the music written solely by Brad Ritchie!

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

How well can you hear?

Test at what frequencies you can hear. My limit was 19,000 Hz. Ryan "says" he can hear 20,000 Hz. I don't know about that. I say this is the next big idea in student discipline management!