Friday, August 22, 2003

My Own Domain

I have a challenge for you all...I need a suggestion for a domain name. I am going to try to have my own domain. For an example I will use our friend Kirsten. Instead of being a part of, Kirsten is her own I need something creative, something simple, something that suits me just like vottleobodka suits Kirsten. hehe. Please help me in my quest to find the perfect domain name. (Maybe there will be a prize involved for the domain name I like best.)

Stream of Consciousness

Ok, so I'm sitting here in Ryan's basement trying to think of something to type in my entry, but nothing came to mind,

then I thought of doing a stream of consciousness entry, which is what I am doing right now, but earlier today at Ryan's house we saw three deer outside his basement window/door, they were so pretty, two fawns and a doe, and Ryan commented on the spots that the fawns had and said I wonder if they will keep their spots, and I said no, that they only have the spots for protection, it's a type of camoflauge, did I spell that right, and then they lose their spots when they get older, I don't remember where I learned that, but Ryan didn't believe me, but I know I'm right, right?? I don't know if this is really a stream of consciousness entry, because I just talked about the deer for a big chunk of the paragraph, oh well, I almost typed paragraphy, but anyway, I think that's about enough for right now, I don't think I will do another stream of consciousness entries, I don't really like it, I hope this wasn't too annoying, have a good evening in your own stream of consciousness lives.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Online All the Time

YAY!! Guess what?? I now have cable modem!! That's means I don't tie up the phone line when I'm on the internet, that means I can use my away message on ichat/IM, that means I don't have to wait to dial-up, that means everything is faster, that means mom and dad and I can be online at the same time, that means I can be online all the time...
It also means I have a new e-mail address. I won't be using my anymore. You can either send to or my new

Sunday, August 17, 2003

He's a Big Kid Now

Ryan starts his first job today. I'm so excited for him! I think he will do very well. Good luck Ryan!

Friday, August 15, 2003


I'm sure all of you have heard about the "Blackout of 2003" (I hate when the media labels things going on like that.) by now. That was pretty amazing! I had heard on the news last night that Indianapolis prevented us from losing power because we are on the same northeastern power grid. Interesting, huh?

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Arm Exercises

This is kinda random, but I'm trying to work on my arms and make them bigger and more muscular. I have five different exerices I do for my arms, but was wondering if any of you who may work out have any suggestions. I want noticeable arm muscles, ya know, like Jennifer Garner arms!!

Monday, August 11, 2003

He's Moved In

Ryan is finally moved in. It took a lot of work, but with the exception of some small things he is moved into his apartment in Lexington.

Friday, August 8, 2003

Tomorrow is Our Moving Day

Ya know like, Tomorrow is my dancing day, but not. Anyway, now that I have said that, Ryan is moving tomorrow. My parents, his parents, and Andy Raker are helping in the move. I hope it goes smoothly. From packing up all of his stuff I NEVER want to move again. It's too much work. I couldn't imagine those of you who move to college and then back home and then back to college and then to a different apartment, and so on and so on... I like to stay put. But alas we will probably be moving again in a year, or at least I will be to join my love in Lexington. hehe. Well, that is all for now. Good night to all.

Wednesday, August 6, 2003

Everybody's Movin'

Good gravy, everybody is moving! Ryan, Bret, Courtney & Alisha, Jennie! It's a moving-fest! It makes me think of the song by Kermit the Frog and his gang..."Movin' Right Along"
I know, I'm a dork.

Tuesday, August 5, 2003

Packing Up

So Ryan got a call from the apartment people in Lexington on Tuesday and they said that he can move in earlier which means he will be leaving this weekend instead of the following weekend. It's finally starting to hit me that he's going to be gone. It's going to be hard not seeing him considering we've never been apart the whole 5 years we've been dating.
Well, just wish us luck on his move.

Sunday, August 3, 2003

New Furniture

Guess what?? Ryan and I bought our first piece of furniture together yesterday. It's a wooden dining table and four chairs and a buffet to go with it. It is in the Shaker style and it's so cute! We don't have it yet because we had to order the buffet and it won't be in for a week or two and Ryan doesn't move until next week so we just left the table and chairs there to store for right now. It's so much fun!

Friday, August 1, 2003

Kirsten, do you remember??

Hey Kirsten, this is a random thought, but do you remember when a bunch of us were out at Don Pablos and you ordered fajitas, but pronounced it FA-JI(the j sound)-TAS?? Just curious.

Picture of the Month-August

The picture chosen for the month of August is one that not everyone will know about, so I shall share the story.

As you can see, the picture is of a concrete cowboy. This cowboy was discovered when Tiffany Lemons, Eli Day, Derrick Pedolzsky, and I were on a Danger Run on Halloween. We were lost with our directions and I pulled into a driveway to turn around. In the process of turning around I almost ran into this lovely concrete cowboy sitting on a stump! (It is funnier if you were there.) Anyway, so the cowboy became a running joke. It became so much of a joke that it was stolen from its home on Blackiston Mill Road and left on my front porch. This cowboy was then passed from me to Tiffany then to Eli to be held by each of us for a year. After the three years were up it was kindly returned to its owner. On the same day that Eli returned it to the location on Blackiston Mill Road, I went by and took this picture. Unfortunately the cowboy did not return to its place on the stump because, as you can see in the picture, after the three years of being away it had been replaced by a concrete angel. Nowadays you can drive by the house on Blackiston Mill Road and view the stump that used to house the concrete cowboy.