Tuesday, June 3, 2003

Thanks Bread!

My good friend Bread (Bret) sent me an e-mail in the wee hours of the morning with an excellent idea...to create a web journal for me!!! I believe they may be called blogs, correct me if I am wrong. He thought of this in the perfect time, for I leave for Germany tomorrow and will be able record the happenings of the day on the web for all to see!
Well, thanks again to Bret and Ryan, sorry, I forgot, Ryan helped him with it and picked out the lovely flower background.
Good night to all and the next entry will be from good ol' Germany.


  1. Ok Toot, your cousins Breezer & Squeakie are going to hurt when I tell them your I Hate: comment...... Shame

  2. I added a "Random Entries" section in the right hand column. It will list 5 entries at random. You'd better hurry and post, so you have more than 5 entries!

  3. ahhh my darling you have ran to germany to visit das wienerwald. he he he. have fun. i love you. steal me away a hottie german who likes hot beer and hot american women...i'm looking for a good husband. But atlast i'm gonna have to kick bret's booty cause he didn't link my page to your page..that makes me sad...not with you with bret.. i'll kick him hard next time i see him. yep yep.. have a swell trip and i'll be checking in to make sure you behave! love ya and so does mike seaver

  4. Ok..I'm glad you have a journal...but just watch out for Bret. First, he makes you a live journal, next, he's posting nude pictures of you all over the internet and other annoying Bret things. And yes, i speak from experience.
    But I LOVE you.