Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Day 2 in Berlin

We had a good, but tiring day today in Berlin. We went out and saw some neat things like the remaining bit of the Berlin Wall and also a museum called Topography of Terror (about the Holocaust stuff). It was pretty interesting. This city has a crazy history. We also saw the composer Felix Mendelssohn's grave and also the Singakademie where he went to school. It's pretty amazing! The only down thing is that I have a cold. UGH. It blows. (hehe)
Anyway, I'm tired and need to get to bed, so I can get better. Talk to you all soon. Gute Nacht.


  1. i keep sneezing too! maybe you emailed me your cold!! ha ha ha. glad you are having a good time. i went to chicago today and had an interview with chicago-kent law school. it went really well...so you never know you might have an employeed friend before long. then you can come to chicago and visit me!!! ohhh yeah.
    have fun and be good, don't kiss any weird germans! (or maybe you already did and got sick because of the GERM-ans..he he...germs..he he)
    love you

  2. Why would she be kissing GERMANS!?!?!? Huh???