Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Wedding Plan Update

So the wedding plans are going well. I've got quite a bit booked. So far we have the church, the reception hall, the organist, cake lady, person to do the invitations, my dress, the wedding party, the florist, videographer, and some small things. I'm trying to decide on a photographer now. It's really difficult because they are so expensive! Hopefully I can get it decided before school starts again. It's been fun so far!


  1. I was looking for a wedding dress by a designer I couldn't remember but the dress was called Tiffany. I googled "wedding dress tiffany" and your site was the first that popped up. Sorry for being nosy, but just wanted to congratulate you on your big day! Your main page is absolutely beautiful and so is your dress by the way! My now fianc�ust proposed to me in France because I'm here for the summer doing an internship. Good luck with all your wedding plans and many congrats to you! Sorry again for being so nosy!
    Tiffany B.

  2. Oh, I don't mind at all! I think it's great that you found my blog, I mean that's just really cool. Congratulations on your engagement and wedding to be too. Did you end up finding the dress you were looking for? Good luck with your plans also.