Friday, August 22, 2003

Stream of Consciousness

Ok, so I'm sitting here in Ryan's basement trying to think of something to type in my entry, but nothing came to mind,

then I thought of doing a stream of consciousness entry, which is what I am doing right now, but earlier today at Ryan's house we saw three deer outside his basement window/door, they were so pretty, two fawns and a doe, and Ryan commented on the spots that the fawns had and said I wonder if they will keep their spots, and I said no, that they only have the spots for protection, it's a type of camoflauge, did I spell that right, and then they lose their spots when they get older, I don't remember where I learned that, but Ryan didn't believe me, but I know I'm right, right?? I don't know if this is really a stream of consciousness entry, because I just talked about the deer for a big chunk of the paragraph, oh well, I almost typed paragraphy, but anyway, I think that's about enough for right now, I don't think I will do another stream of consciousness entries, I don't really like it, I hope this wasn't too annoying, have a good evening in your own stream of consciousness lives.

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