Sunday, November 30, 2003

Happy Late Thanksgiving!

Happy Late Thanksgiving to all. I hope you all enjoyed a nice holiday weekend. I sure did. I got to see my family, Ryan, and a bunch of my close friends from high school...I sure miss you guys!


  1. Yeah, it was pretty cool to see you all too. I must say that Joe's Crab Shanty sucks my ass. I've not had food that bad in a long time. Oh well. Anyway, good luck finishing up the semester and starting your last one EVER! :)

  2. Hey, I didn't think Joe's Crab shack was bad at all!! I liked the food! (of course...i was also drunk.) ahh well. I love you Tiffany, and it was wonderful seeing your fine ass on turkey day! ;-)

  3. My LAST to my ears! (how cheesy was that!!)