Wednesday, March 24, 2004

My Naked Chef

So, I was watching Oprah today and Jamie Oliver, "The Naked Chef" was on. If you all haven't seen his cooking show, at the end of the show he always serves the food he made to his friends.
So, I wasa thinking, I have my own naked chef!!! It's Andy! And it made me think of Panama City. HE would cook and WE would eat it all! Yum, Yum, I miss my Naked Chef.


  1. Aww...thanks for puttin' the pic up. I'm surprised I have a coke instead of wine/beer/booze at the table with me. It's embarrassing how white I am right now..especially compared to that shit. Do you remember the picture of me putting lotion on my booty....what a stark contrast. I was way too gross is it that I'm eating with no shirt on. Ewwwww. Oh yeah, I also remember the pictures (and video) of me tanning on the patio with my orange shorts pulled up my camel toe. Grody. (Please don't put that one up next....pleeeeeease). Ok, off to bed. Bye!

  2. I miss our naked Andy Chef too. MMMMm that was good eatin!!!!!!!!!!!
    I miss my old friends.