Wednesday, April 14, 2004

What, SNOW???

What is this? All yesterday it sleeted and snowed. Last night our yard was blanketed in the white stuff and it was still here this morning! Why couldn't this stuff happen in's SPRING now! Andy, I think we need a meteorologist's perspective.


  1. HAHA...I love it when weather pisses people off. It makes my job/research more fun. Yeah, it was a bit unusual to snow so far south so late in the season during what is normally the hottest part of the day. But, of course, the atmosphere can do some fucked up things, and that's why I love it! What is especially funny is that its going to be in the 80's just a couple of days later. From one extreme to the next....beautiful. Actually, if it had been sunny that day, temperatures would have been in the 50's, but "dynamic cooling" associated with the heavy precipitation, strong vertical motion and a cold anomaly in the middle of the atmosphere were responsible for lowering the surface temperature to near freezing. Anyway, spring is here...enjoy it! Two months to the wedding...whoa. Oh P.S. I will go to the mall this weekend hopefully so I can get measured. Sorry for the procrastination...if there is a certain time you need it by then let me know and I'll hurry.

  2. Ok, so I sent you an IM the other day but I'm not sure if you got it. Anywho, Donovan had downloaded this great song that was sort of a mix of international, eclectic, electronic, etc. music. The guy singing has an amazing ability to control his overtones. The song is called Tuva Groove and it's by Ondar. Check it out in the iTunes Music Store. There are some other awesome songs by him too. I downloaded the whole/partial cd. It's great for studying or relaxing or walking or anything really. :)

  3.'s in the 70's up here. Get it muncie!!!!!!