Friday, September 24, 2004

The Prayer Hand-What a story!

Yes, oh yes, I found it! But first the story...
So, Ryan and I were at Central Christian one morning for church. During the children's message they were talking about praying and how to remember for whom to pray. The girl doing the message suggested this method to the children:


You can use your hand as a reminder to pray for others. Hold your hand with your thumb pointing toward you. The thumb reminds us to pray for those closest to us -- family, friends, neighbors. The index finger (pointer) reminds us of those who have pointed us the right way -- teachers and spiritual leaders. The middle finger is the tallest and brings to mind our President and other leaders of our country. The next finger is called the weak finger and we can pray for the weak, sick, the poor and those who need help. We finish with the little finger, praying for ourselves and our own needs.

And afterwards Ryan leans over to me and asks, "Did she just say the President gets the middle finger??!!" I just chuckled.

Therefore, remembering what I learned that day in church, I am more than happy to give the Commander in Chief the one finger salute! HA!


  1. AMEN!!!!!!! Praying for you all to get better benefits! Love you all and miss you all! We had the best meal at your Mom and Dad's Sunday! It was delicious. Kat was so sweet as usual. He is a cutie! God Bless and Keep You Both!
    WE love you,
    Aunt Vicki and Grannie

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