Thursday, November 4, 2004

Our New House!

Here is a video Ryan took of our new house.

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  1. My first response to providing comments got lost somehow, so Ihave to start over.
    Where do I start? Oh I know, let's start with......
    1. Vaulted ceilings. They are so gauche (French: lacking social grace). Vaulted ceilings are not you.
    2. Pantry: Your pantry is sooooo bare. I'm going to put your name on my church's "Needy Family" list. You'll get mostly canned goods and non-perishable items though. Maybe a frozen turkey since it's your first Christmas together.
    3. Family room:
    - blue sofas ???? I don't think so....
    - polka dot throw pillows ??? I don't think so....
    - alternate shots ???? I don't think so....
    - do something with the speaker wires....
    4. The garden looks like a grave yard for small pets. Don't be surprised if you unearth small bones when you plant your spring garden.
    5. Storage closet: This is a fire hazard. Is it mostly your stuff Tiffany ? I know how women hate to part with things.
    6. Back Yard: Cut your grass Ryan....sshheeeesh. Are you trying to grow alfalfa as a "2nd income" ?
    7. Master Bath: You never said which sink is yours Tif and which one is Ryans. Inquiring minds want to know.
    8. DVD Storage: Same as the vaulted ceilings in your living room.....gauche. Your just showing off your wealth. Not christian at all, to flaunt your wealth like that.
    9. Apple Room: I saved the best for last.... get a life Ryan !!!! There are "alternate" computers out there.
    Seriously guys, I think you have a lovely home. It's so much nicer than the trailer Kathy and I lived in for our first three years.
    Hope you and Ryan have a wonderful first Christmas this year. Be extra nice to your parents this year. They sacrificed a lot to make your lives as happy as possible and I suspect they succeeded based on knowing you two.
    I don't own a computer yet, so I'm sending this "post it" on Helen's computer.
    Uncle Tony