Sunday, January 22, 2006

Here I go again.

Ok, so another resolution (yeah, a little late) and I need your help to keep me going. As I have been meandering through blogs today I realize I have completely neglected my own. I need to take a different turn. I thought I should go the route of a journal instead of just posted periodically random stuff that has really nothing to do with me. Well, maybe I can keep that stuff in, but also start posting what I am doing regularly. So, if I actually still have people that read this thing, give me some feedback.


  1. Please please! I wish bret would do the same thing!

  2. me likey. me likey long time.
    don't feel pressured to share shit you don't wanna. i keep my journal for me mostly, but it's also fun to share everything i do with whoever the fuck reads my journal. if i want to keep it private but on the record, LJ gives me that option. it's fun!

  3. Ohhh yes! I always look to see if you've updated your blog, but then just see Mozart's head and wish instead I would hear a funny story about the kids you teach or maybe about how you let a fart in a public know the things that make me go "ah that's the tiff I love."

  4. Malicious Comment-MakerJanuary 23, 2006 at 4:39 PM

    poop runs out of your nose when you sing. (I'm just testing to see how malicious the comments have to be to be withheld). Love Jennie Bad Knee

  5. white shorts. chocolate. mmmm.
    stories. now. make me laugh. please?
    i love you, honey. :)