Thursday, February 2, 2006

Picture of the Month-February 2006

Happy February.
So, I realized while I was looking for a picture for February that I don't and NEVER have owned a red dress. It's seems like that is supposed to a staple of a woman's wardrobe. Ya know...the little black dress...the little red dress. But no, not in my closet. So, my treat to myself this Valentine's Day is buying a red dress.


  1. be sure to buy whore-red lipstick to go with it. you should also wear some black fishnet hoes. oh, also get matching red gloves that come up almost to your elbows. and a cigarette holder. that'd be classy. take pictures. hehe.
    i miss you. :(

  2. Yeah Tiff! I would buy an expensive one since you've saved money all these years by not buying one.

  3. i mean hose. sorry. stockings. whatEVER!

  4. I like! Thanks to the mystery commenter for finding the dress.