Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Crash into me...or a stone wall

Some of you have not heard the news; my car was wrecked Saturday night. Ryan and I were driving home from Lexington and a(an) opossum waddled out in front of the car. Ryan was driving and he swirved left then right and left again and the car was out of control and spun off the road into the ditch and slammed the back into an old stone wall. The good thing was we were fine, no injuries. It was a bit scary, a little frustrating, and more stuff to deal with than we want to right now. At the same time it is probably the best time to be without a car since we are getting ready to head to Europe. This is definitely a catalyst to get the Mini Cooper purchased. Ho hum.

1 comment:

  1. booo! sorry to hear about your car and glad that you guys are ok.
    When are you going to Europe, and for how long.
    Hooray for the mini!