Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What is this world coming to?

Latest climate report on CNN. This is really scary stuff. How could we let our planet get to this stage?


  1. Remember Rollings' class? I came out of it being very skeptical about human-induced global warming. I wonder how much has changed since then. From what I remember, global temperatures and CO2 levels are very cyclical, and didn't seem to be much legitimate data supporting the human-induced mindset. Obviously, the last time this happened, there weren't 6 billion people to support, so the changes may very well have the dire impact stated in the CNN piece, but can we stop it? It it better to fight a loosing battle then to use our resources elsewhere? Like I said, I'm sure a lot has changed since '99, and I am in favor of reducing pollution, but I'd like to hear more about whether or not there's a cause-effect relationship between our activities and the warming.

  2. Yeah, but Bob's an f-ing Republican. Nuf said.

  3. Yeah, I remember. I just get terribly frustrated at our stupid government for not making alternative energy options or environmental conservancy a high priority. Whether this "global warming" issue is going to have cataclysmic effects or not we need to do a hell of a lot better at protecting our world.
    BTW...At first I truly thought your comment was posted by Andy.