Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Ok, so I lied in my last post that I was going to post something last week. It just didn't happen. Anyway, I was inspired by both Rose's latest rambling post and my neglect. So, here it goes...

Last week we had Ryan's vocal camp at Lafayette. Glad it's over. This week we are trying to get things together for our trip. We are heading out west; I'm soooo excited! I'll give details when we get back. Tonight we attended the Cardinal Singers send-off concert. They are heading to Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuanian. I am EXTREMELY jealous! Ya know, I still get those sentimental feelings when I go to UofL. I miss college. It really was a GREAT time in life. Alas, time moves on.
Finally, my poor Kat has a urinary tract infection (what a lovely topic change, huh?). I hope he is doing better. Mom and Dad are having to give him medicine which is a chore. He not very cooperative, but I love him!
That's it for now.

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