Monday, June 9, 2008


What are we doing as environmentalists? Not the right things. This article depresses my excitement of the "little things" we are doing such as recycling and reducing driving and such. It seems to be all for nothing. Because, which so surprises me, not all cities/towns have recycling programs and we all know of the WONDERFUL mass transit system we have in this country. These changes have to be big. And, I like how they said in the article, let's make it is race to be the first country to make these drastic environmental changes, like the race to send a man to the moon.

On a happier note, something that I have found that is worthwhile to invest in (hopefully) is Native Energy. This is a program that Ryan and I donate to each year to help develop alternative energy options such as wind and methane. You can choose where you money is used. We request ours to go to wind power. Check it out.

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