Sunday, August 24, 2008

The World of Wii

We have now entered the world of game systems. Ryan and I bought a Nintendo Wii the other day. (It is actually an early birthday present to us from Ryan's mom.) It has changed our life.
We both have played Wii before, but realized that you never really experience Wii until you own one. Wow.

Today my parents and Ryan's parents were visiting. We all played. First we tried bowling. The parents got a pretty good handle at it. We tried tennis, baseball, boxing, and the most hilarious, Cow Racing! It was a hoot! No one was very good at it and my mom and Ryan's mom were dying laughing the entire time. We got some good pictures and video on my mom's camera.

Later Ryan and Birte decided to box. Here are some of the pictures in "bullet time."