Monday, June 30, 2003

Vote on a Honeymoon

Where should Ryan and I go on a honeymoon? Place your vote and give some reasons why.

1. Alaskan Cruise

2. Hawaii

3. Caribbean Cruise

4. Specific Island in the Caribbean

5. European Cruise


  1. I VETO #1. Hate the cold. And I think your next post should be: Contribute to a Honeymoon.
    Paypal accepted. :-)

  2. I didn't know paypal sold sex aids...

  3. HA HA HA...gee bret, that was good...I dont think any of us can top that...damn boy didnt know you were this funny.
    I agree with Ryan on the veto of #1...I do have one small request that you take the wedding guest and party with you on the honneymoon......
    #4 sounds exciting and romantic and you could possibly meet pirates that way...i like pirates.. go for 4. Call oprah and see if you can borrow her island. I have a friend named Ian who's dad used to be her chef...I'll see if I can get the hook up. Yeah sure.

  4. You forgot South Africa. :-)

  5. I vote #4 and Mom votes #2, mainly because she wants to go there. I myself think #2 would be nice, but I think everyone wants to go there, so be different!

  6. You must go on the Alaskan far it looks like everyone hates that idea, but it is probably one of the most beautiful places ever. If you go right after the wedding it will NOT be me, I know. :) One of my uncles went there for his honeymoon and the pictures from the cruise are amazing. Plus, you won't have to worry about hurricanes there, and you will in many of the others. How many places in the world can you see glaciers like the ones there?!?!?!?! My second choice would be a cruise in the Mediterranean. 'Nuff said. Good luck with the choice and paying for it!

  7. Just find a motel 6 and you'll be fine...
    bow chica bow wow! :)
    Once again, thank you for all your help w/ the funeral, you have no idea how much BOTH of my parents appreciated it. You all were beautiful.

  8. Yeah, ok, so I'm late getting around to this. Turns out, I'm lazy.
    Alaska is great, and it's not that cold. And if it does get too cold, Ryan can get in where it's hot ;-). By playing bingo. But you won't want to go inside, beacuse as Andy said, it's freakin' beautiful. Imgaine Indiana. With mountians, fjords, and glaciers. It's sort of like that.
    Europe is always good. And I like Mersh's suggestion of South Africa. Patrick went a couple of years ago, and loved it. It's someplace I really want to go. . .

  9. Alright, so I'm a forgetfulfish. If you go to Eurpoe, I can have Patrick show you where they make Minis in Oxford ;-). Yes, a factory is such a great place to go on a honeymoon.

  10. Raker, I like that last idea. But I don't know if Ryan will go for the Mini Factory.