Saturday, July 5, 2003


Last night, Friday, was the best night I have had in a long time! Renee, Jennie, Christina, Leslie, Danny, Bret, and Ryan came over to my house. The reason was not a good one, (we were working on music to sing at Sam Day's funeral which was today), but the time spent together was wonderful. As you can see, aside from rehearsing, we returned to old habits, such as Jennie's amazing rocking trick above, and we talked about old stories. I absolutely love these people. Even though we don't get together as often as we should, it seems as if no time has passed since our last meeting and we pick up from where we left off. It's kinda sad to think that such a terrible thing brought us together, but then again, it brought us together and it is amazing to have wonderful friends like this who are so willing to be there when the going gets rough and you need them. I wish for everyone people like this in their lives.


  1. Not only was it good for you to see these guys, Tiff, but it did made your Dad and I feel good as well. Everyone is terrific in our eyes and we love all. Count your blessings that each and everyone have each other.
    Love Mom

  2. ahhhh how funny i look! I love you tiffy, and mom and dad too! it was so great to be at your house, it felt like the old days!

  3. ahhhh how funny you look, Jennie!