Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Arm Exercises

This is kinda random, but I'm trying to work on my arms and make them bigger and more muscular. I have five different exerices I do for my arms, but was wondering if any of you who may work out have any suggestions. I want noticeable arm muscles, ya know, like Jennifer Garner arms!!


  1. aaron s told me to do "Arnold Curls." It's when you curl a dumbbell, but instead of having its ends perpendicular to the floor, you have them parallel. It's the same motion as milking a cow. It's supposed to really make your muscles more visible.

  2. Tiff, I'll gladly give you some of my arms ;-)
    good luck with it though

  3. I have man arms.
    You do not want my advice.

  4. I don't want her to have man arms! No way.

  5. don't get man arms...get other man parts and stick them to your body