Tuesday, August 3, 2004

New Job!

YAY!!! Guess what? I am employed!! I am officially the choral director at Western Hills High School in Frankfort, Kentucky! I will have a beginning choir, advanced choir, and two Arts and Humanities classes. I'm very excited! And the best part about it is........I will be making more money than Ryan! (hee,hee)


  1. Congratulations! This is great news Tiff! Things have an interesting way of working themselves out. I hope it turns out to be everything you hoped for. Good luck getting ready for the new school year!

  2. Congratulations. You're already on the staff website. Let's all send you an e-mail: http://www.franklin.k12.ky.us/whhs/staff/email.aspx?SendTo=thurst
    It must be a musical school, Lauren Hill is a technology teacher.

  3. Yeah, that's a great idea...except I don't know how to check my mail. HAHA...Lauren Hill. Ryan didn't get it. I had to explain it to him.

  4. Tiffers! Way to go. You are a pro. bret said you and ryan can move to the middle between both places and live in the Cuntry...i mean Country. I said you could have a pet cow. Don't you think that would be fun. Bessie...the pet cow. you could milk her and make your own butter. WE could come visit and have a day on the farm with Bessie the cow. I like this idea.
    Way to be employeed...good job representing the female population and making more mmoo lah than the hubby.
    i miss you and love you!

  5. Interesting blog, does this site get lots of activity or is it usually slow around here?