Sunday, January 1, 2006

New Year's Resolution

So, Ryan and I bought an exercise bike yesterday. This is both of our new year's resolutions. We may be skinny, but we are out of shape! Anyway, it's called a recumbent bike. It looks differently from the other bikes. It's supposed to give better blood flow when you are exercising and the guy at Dick's told us that this one is easier to get on on the days that you are tired. That was the selling point for us.

We also bought two chairs this week; one for our living room and one for our family room. They look good. Now we must halt the spending, so I can save up for my Mini!! Only 6 more months then it will be mine! Bwahahaha! What color should I get? I'm still debating.

Ok, enough dreaming about my Mini, it's my turn to exercise.


  1. you should definitely get the electric blue, although i don't think they make that color anymore.... ): that was a good color. i like the india blue too, but i still don't know if they have that color anymore. you gotta put some stripes on it too!

  2. woo hoo - exercising is fun! since y'all are already too skinny, be sure you eat lots more. i bet you'll find that within a couple of weeks, your energy levels will be boosted. it's kinda weird how it all works.
    get a multi-colored mini - i see you in something black and red, or perhaps grey and black. hmm. i'm jealous, though i'm not sure my tall ass would fit in a mini.