Friday, March 2, 2007

Picture of the Month - March 2007

The end of last month I got a little anniversary letter from Cincinnati Mini wishing me and my Cooper a happy six month anniversary. That made me think to recognize my car in this picture of the month. But in the process of trying to put a picture of quickly I realized that Ryan has all of the Cooper pictures on his computer, not mine. So instead of a picture of my car I found a picture of my remote controlled Mini Cooper I got for Christmas from Ryan's aunt Vicki. Almost the same. When I get around to it I'll add some more pictures of the real Cooper.


  1. Where is the color? It is so cute, anyway.
    And have fun in Florida - wish I would be there!! Need the break
    Love Mom

  2. That looks like the remote control one that I got for Christmas a few years ago. My mom told me it was the closest that I was getting to having one in a long time. Guess what! My friend's dad started teaching us how to drive a stick. Cough, ahem, hint hint. I think it will still be a long time before I have mastered the skill, if ever.